Now that the detox has finished……

While a number of our Vitality patients are working through their 6 week detox, I have finished mine. So like any challenge I set myself, I have taken some time to stop and reflect on a number of things.

  • What did I find most challenging?
  • What have I learnt?
  • Given I have created some new habits, will I keep them?

I have been a 1 coffee a day girl for a while, sometimes 2 but never more than that as my body quickly protests. One of the things I initially found challenging with this detox was giving up my coffee. Not necessarily because I needed the caffeine ‘kick,’  but because I love the smell and the ritual of having a good coffee. I must stress here that it has to be a good coffee or I will not drink it. We have a coffee machine at home so along with good quality beans and organic raw milk, it can be a winning combination. Especially if my husband makes it for me, he makes a very special coffee!

One of the questions on finishing the detox was always going to be ‘will I have coffee again?’

The answer is yes on most days. One coffee per day is now my limit and I have been making them with a small amount of organic coconut milk- yum!

I have always been quite disciplined with what I eat, some may even call me a ‘food snob.’ With that in mind, the results of this 6 week cleanse have pleasantly surprised me, with one of the standout observations being how consistent my energy levels were throughout the day. I discovered that even though I usually eat really well, I had been using sugar as a ‘pick me up’ if I could feel my energy levels dropping during the day. As we know, sugar is so highly addictive so when the cells of our body are exposed to sugar, the brain immediately wants more as our internal biochemistry is altered. I have decided to actively stay off sugar (except for fruit). As the saying goes; ‘when you are on a good thing, why change?’

Prior to beginning the detox I had been actively avoiding gluten and consuming only grains such as brown rice and quinoa. I went grain free for the duration of the detox and intend to keep it up. For me grain free= even more vegetables! (yum)

The other new habit that I have enjoyed and will continue with is my morning smoothie/green juice. I can throw all sorts of yummy things in here & it is a great breakfast to have after a Crossfit session or before I start in practice. The only thing I need to watch out for here is to make sure my teeth aren’t green from the spinach and spirulina!

Whilst I am not a big drinker, I have always enjoyed a nice glass of wine or two. Since finishing the detox, I have twice tried to have a glass of red wine but found that I didn’t like it. So I am currently still alcohol free but I expect at some point I will have a drink of something- maybe a nice mojito with lots of fresh mint and lime.

In a few words, this 6 week process has left me feeling (even) happier, healthier and more energised from the moment I wake up!

I am so impressed with our Vitality clientele who are participating in this detox process and I am really enjoying hearing about your detox adventures!

Michelle x

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