Why menu plan?

I have had a few people ask me about my menu plans; why I do it and where to start. It has been particularly helpful whilst doing our detox. Whilst I don’t always stick to it 100% of the time, it gives me a good structure to work with when planning meals and shopping at the market.

Some other points to consider;

  • I often cook the same things. Both my husband and I have our ‘old favourites’ so these recipes will regularly feature. I will then add in a few new things that I am trying out.
  • On the weekend, I will look at our week ahead to see what is happening. Is my husband away with work? Do I have any after hour’s meetings? This means I can have things pre- prepared to an extent on the nights I am home late and on the nights I am home I can cook more time consuming recipes. If my husband is away, I will cook extra the night before & have leftovers or just steam some fish and a heap of veggies (not his favourite meal)
  • I always make sure that we have good quality snacks in the house. Things like protein or paleo balls, hommus, paleo muffins, raw nuts and of course, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • When I am doing my market shop, I take my shopping list and try to follow it. I will often see something that catches my eye so I will sometimes tinker with my menu plan for the week.
  • I also try to ensure I have a good supply of ‘basics’ in the pantry and fridge; coconut oil, organic tinned tomatoes, vegetable stock concentrate (I make this in my Thermomix), frozen berries, coconut milk, quinoa and spices. (See my what’s in my pantry post)
  • On a day when I have some time at home (which is usually a Sunday afternoon) I will try to make something extra that I can freeze. Things like lamb balls and mini paleo quiches work well here.
  • After main meals are sorted, I will think about lunch. I am quite happy having leftovers from the night before, or alternatively I will cook some extra protein and have it in a salad the next day. Breakfasts are pretty easy; I will either make a batch of chia porridge the night before or make a green smoothie.
  • As you can see from my menu plans, I often add a few notes for the day to remind me what I need to do. This usually involves taking something out to defrost, soaking nuts or cooking a little extra.

What are some of the things you do to make cooking easier in your home?

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  1. We have recently started with a delivery service of our organic fruit and veg which I am LOVING! They email us a list of the contents they have available a few days beforehand so you can make changes if there is anything you don’t need or like! It saves so much time, especially here in Barcelona where organic produce isn’t as readily available in a one stop shop! When I go to the organic butcher, I generally buy as much as my little trolley (yes I have one!!) can handle and I freeze the meat and chicken to save going every week.

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