My secret weapon

I really love to cook. Every now and then I will watch a cooking show and see someone cooking away in their huge test kitchen with 2 large ovens and oodles of bench space…. I must admit, I do get a little jealous. Our kitchen is small, bench space is at a premium and cooking for big groups of people or meals that require lots of pots and pans requires organisation. When my husband sees things stacked up in sections, he knows to steer clear.

I do have a secret weapon though, its my Thermomix. Aside from our coffee machine, it is the only appliance in our kitchen. You could call it the smartest kitchen gadget in the world because it does lots of things. It chops, beats, mixes, mills, emulsifies, kneads, blends, cooks, juices, stirs, steams, weighs and melts. It means I can make everything from scratch, and I use it to do a lot of my prep work. For example, rather than making an asian spice paste in the mortar and pestle, I just throw all ingredients into the Thermomix and in 20seconds, its all done!

Last night I made a beef curry, from scratch. It took 1 hour in total (including preparation and cooking time) and it was delicious!

Adapted from

Thai Beef Curry


Curry Powder:

3 cloves

2 tsp each coriander and cumin seeds

1 tsp cardamom seeds

1 star anise

1 generous pinch sea salt.

Curry Paste:

3 dried large red chillies, soaked in boiling water 10 minutes

Generous handful coriander roots (reserve leaves for the curry)

1 red onion, halved

4-6 cloves garlic

Thumb sized piece galangal or young ginger

2 stalks lemongrass, white part only

A little of the water from soaking the chillies

The Curry

1200g gravy beef, cubed

400g tin coconut cream

75g fish sauce- use a good quality one without added sugar.

40g organic coconut sugar/honey/agave (I didn’t use this as I am still on my detox)

50g roasted crushed cashews plus some more for garnish

2 carrots, finely sliced

green beans, chopped into lengths (approx 3cm)

(Coriander leaves from paste, reserve some for garnish)

Additional coconut cream to serve

Lime juice and salt flakes to taste


To make curry powder place all ingredients except salt into Thermomix and roast for 8 mins on 100 degrees /speed 1. Add salt and mill for 20 sec/speed 10.

Add all curry paste ingredients and chop for 6 seconds/speed 6.

Saute 10 min/Varoma/speed 2. Then blend 30 sec/speed 6, stopping to scrape down sides of bowl as necessary.

To make curry, place all ingredients except garnishes into Thermomix and cook 45 min/100ºC/Reverse/speed 1.

Serve over rice or cauliflower rice with lime wedges, coriander leaves and remaining crushed cashews.


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