Week 3 of the detox begins

Today marks the beginning of week 3 of the team Vitality detox. It has been both interesting and enjoyable going through this process with my colleagues and friends. Like all good team efforts, we have been helping each other out when someone is having  a slightly tough time or craving a cup of black tea or a coffee. Having said that, everyone is ‘fair game’ too and the lovely Tara has taken it upon herself to frequently remind us what is and is not on the permissible foods list!

There have been a few requests for an alternative to bread, so I decided to make a version of spinach bread- it was interesting to say the least. Whilst it had potential, it was quite a bright green throughout and there was something not quite right about the texture which made my husband raise his eyebrows when he  sampled  it. Back to the drawing board on that one.

One of the things that has been a little challenging over the past week is eating out. I have had to be quite organised and either eat before hand or request modified menu items, I always ensure I have a few snacks in my handbag too. So far, this seems to be going well.

Good positive energy creates more of the same. One of the things that I am really excited about that has resulted from the detox is that one of our patients has finally kicked her smoking habit. She is eating better, exercising more regularly and now her whole system is less toxic.

I look forward to see what the remainder of this week brings.

Michelle x


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