Detox preparation




Sundays are usually a fairly low key day in my household. It always makes me very happy to wake up and see a clear blue sky, so I thought the best way to take advantage of the sunshine was to take our 2 dogs for a walk and a swim at the beach. (I walked, they swam.)



After enjoying some breakfast and crossing a few things off my to do list, it was time to head to Crossfit StKilda for a sunday workout.

One of my favourite things to do on a sunday is head to the South Melbourne Market and buy our fresh food for the week. So with shopping list and eco bags in hand, off I went. I even managed to score a car park right out the front which is always exciting. I have so far resisted the urge to buy a trolley, but this means I am often a ‘long wide load’ laden with bags by the time I am finished so today I dropped my fruit & veg off at the car before I went back to buy my fish, chicken and red meat.



After unpacking the shopping it was time for some lunch with the sunday papers whilst I savoured my last coffee for 6 weeks.



On the menu tonight is organic roast chicken with roasted root vegetables and kale. I usually roast 2 chickens and make a double portion of roast vegies so there is enough for dinner on monday night too and some leftovers to make snacks and salads. I can get a little grumpy when I am hungry, so on the nights I work late it is definitely best to have dinner prepared to avoid a potential meltdown. Being more organised with food preparation and planning will be even more important over the next 6 weeks during our detox.

I did a little food prep for the week and then left dinner roasting away in the oven whilst I took the pooches for another walk.

Sunday roasts are best enjoyed with good company (in this case my husband) and a nice glass of wine (my last for 6 weeks.)

Bring on tomorrow.

Michelle x


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  1. Wow! Super lovely blog and the pics make it all seem to tasty and do-able! Tim and I are in (Tim somewhat begrudingly) – he can collect the metagenics stuff ?Friday? We would like to start on the official start of Spring: Sept 1.

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