Vitality team detox……

This morning as I was walking to the practice, I noticed that it was light, really light and the sky was clear and the sun was trying to appear. This made me quite excited as it was yet another strong suggestion that it’s almost Spring! Which means it is almost bye-bye WINTER!

For so many reasons, spring time is beautiful. It is a time of new life and regrowth. It is also the perfect time to get fresh and clean with our diet; to get away from the winter heaviness and comfort food and ready for fresh spring and summertime foods. The beginning of Spring is the perfect time to detox so the Vitality team are starting a 6 week detox on Monday 27th August.

Detox can sometimes be a bit of a dirty word and there are some pretty hard core Detoxes out there that are laden with heavy restrictions and are guaranteed to make one miserable and very grumpy. We will be following the Metagenics protocol so along with taking some prescribed supplements; lots of fresh veggies, salads and good fresh food is ahead. We will be eating ourselves to be super clean!

I am fortunate that the majority of my diet is very clean already, so I just have a little refining to do.

Current Diet

  • Wheat: none
  • Other grains: minimal. Some quinoa and puffed brown rice and millet in my cereal
  • Protein: grass fed red meat, organic chicken and eggs, seafood and fresh fish. Note: I have never been fond of eggs, so over the last couple of weeks I have been ‘training’ myself to eat eggs. I am well on my way.
  • Dairy: goats feta and organic unhomogenised milk in my daily coffee.
  • Caffeine: 1-2 coffee’s per day
  • Vegetables: Lots. I aim for something red, green, purple and orange every day.
  • Fruit: 1-2 serves per day, Usually berries and mandarines. Love pomegranates too.
  • Sugar: minimal. coconut sugar in my coffee, along with some agave and honey.
  • Alcohol: Over a week I will usually have a couple of glasses of red wine.

On the banned list as of 27/08/2012

  • Coffee
  • Dairy
  • Sugar (except some fruit)
  • Grains
  • Alcohol


Fortunately for me, I am a passionate cook. I really enjoy the whole journey of meal preparation from shopping at the market to preparing and cooking beautiful, tasty food. Typically, I don’t use a lot of recipes, but to support my fellow ‘detoxers’ I will be creating an eating plan complete with recipes.

Stay tuned for more.

Michelle x

6 thoughts on “Vitality team detox……

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    1. Hi Lisa,
      We will be running a detox for our patients at Vitality in 6 weeks. If you would like to start now, let me know what area you are in & we can suggest a great naturopath who utilises the Metagenics detox program.

  1. Hi Lisa, I can have a detox kit available for you to pick up from Ohana Healing & Wellness in Macedon from tomorrow (28/8/12) It contains the supplements for the 6 weeks along with an overview of the detox and a food guide. Cost is $235.00
    Let me know,

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